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Good Sound Insulation Performance: Usually 5cm thick of sound insulation cotton can meet the requirements of ordinary occasions. High Sound Absorption Efficiency: the testing result is shown that the 5cm thick product is NRC () NRC (Comprehensive Noise Reduction Coefficient) 0.90. If the density and thickness are increased, there is still a lot of room for its performance improvement.   Strong Flame Retardant: PP (polypropylene) has excellent heat resistance. It can be used for a long time at 110° temperature. The fire-retardant materials fully meet the requirements of automotive interior and can effectively improve the personal and property safety. It has been tested by national Fire equipment Quality Inspection Center and reached the national standard GB8624B1 for building material combustion performance.   Superior Environmental Performance: high-tech environmental protection material, non-toxic, tasteless without any volatile gas. The testing result shown its environmental protection reached the national standard GB18580-2001E1, and there was no allergic phenomenon in contact with human skin. Good Damping and Compression Effect: PP (polypropylene) material is uniform and solid with full of elasticity, greater flexibility, anti-friction, tear resistance and strong impact resistance.   Morrosion-proof and moth-proof, no moldy, no foul smell.  In humid environment, sound absorption rate unchanged, water absorption does not exceed 1% of their own weight, and easy to dry.  PP(polypropylene) water absorption :0.01%.   Anti-aging: There was no significant change in the environment of 120 ℃ for 1000 hours. Strong Plasticity: It’s compact structure, stable morphology compressibility and deformability are applicable for different specifications or in tight space with soft and light weight texture which can be cut freely and easy to install. The spray adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive tape, ultrasonic welding, heat adhesive or push needle adhesive can be used for sticking. High Insulation: PP (polypropylene) has excellent high frequency insulation performance which does not affected by humidity as it barely absorbs water.

The Sound insulation, sound absorption and interior materials for automobile with many advantages than that of similar products.

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