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Backing cloth

Products Introduction:

Foamed materials are commonly used as shock-proof materials for automobiles. And non-woven fabric is reinforcement for forming the foamed material. Taking advantage of the ease of use, light weight and leakage resistance of no-woven to make it integrated with foam material. This kind of product is called “seat lining of automobiles”. Also, because of the above advantages, non-woven fabric has become a functional foaming forming reinforcing material. The interlining of a car seat is located between the foamed material body and the metal spring as a separator between them. It distributes the force of the metal spring equally, in the meantime protects the foamed material forming the body from friction with the metal spring. In addition, it can also avoid the sound produced by the friction between two substances which with sound control performance.

Foamed interlining and foam felt for automobiles seatsSponge lining:

Car seat can be cut and sew based on customers’ drawing request. It is used for integrated production in the mold during the process of automobile seat production which has the functions of anti-wear and silencing and increases the strength of fiber seat. Odor and flame retardant test can be met.

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