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Product Description: The range of filter fiber is relatively wide, it generally refers to air filtration, such as car air, air conditioning filtration etc. Filter material is divided into four types: synthetic fiber filter, non-woven fabric filter, glass fiber filter, activated carbon fiber filter. Filter fiber can also be divided in to: primary filter fiber, medium effect filter fiber, efficiency filter fiber based on the efficiency of filtration.   Primary Filter Fiber: It can be used in the air supply system as a pre-filter under high dust exposure and spray system and baking device in the air supply of pre-filtration. Medium Effect Filter Fiber (canopy fiber) mainly filter dust particles that greater than 1μm, generally used for secondary or ultimate filtration after coarse effect filtration, It is mostly used for the filter material of plate filter. Efficiency Filter Fiber: mainly used in hospitals or laboratories that with high filtration requirements. Product Specifications: weight range of 100-600g/m2 and width within 2.2 meters can be produced.   Main Varieties: needle filter fiber, hot air filter fiber, elastic filter fiber. Application: surface treatment and coating industry is the most widely used filter cotton industry. And also apply for automobile air filter, air conditioning filter etc.  
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