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DL fiber itself is not easy to breed dust mites. With its breathable structure, it can prevent dust, mold, rhinitis and skin eczema. It is especially suitable for use in baby products, sports wear and breast-feeding underwear. The air fiber structure of DL fiber is composed of ten million pairs of fiber three-dimensional scaffolds, which can evenly disperse the gravity and reduce the single point pressure by 75%. DL fiberefill is a thermoplastic product which can be molded or even repeatedly molded into various shapes. DL fiberefill is soft, comfortable, elastic, light and noiseless. Oeko tex can be divided into many levels. The fourth level is for infants, the most demanding. DL fibrefill has passed the highest level of Oeko tex for babies products. All tests are conducted to the highest standards, including formaldehyde, heavy metals, chlorophenol, carcinogens, potential carcinogens, Induction of hypersensitivity that were not detected. The pH value is weak acid, and it’s safe for baby to chew. With guarded by the world-class authority assure that products shall be used with super reassuring.
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