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Product Application-Shaped Pillow for Babies

The newborn baby skull is very soft, and the one-piece design helps to evenly distribute the pressure during sleep and rest. If a newborn baby uses a high pillow too early, it will affect the normal development of the baby's spine and even cause dyspnea. DL-Fribrefill shaped pillow provides scientific protection for the neck.
The newborn baby has a straight spine, which is not suitable for a pillow with height

Three layers fabric structure design enable the babies breathe freely. Purified fiber can quickly absorb sweat and remove moisture to keep skin dry and comfortable.

To guide the baby's bone develop normally

The support of DL-Fibrefill mattress is able to adjust the bearing capacity according to the body weight which is conducive to the healthy sleeping position of children and the healthy growth of bones.  

Anti Mite & Breathable
The 100% polyester fiber inhibit the growth of mites and allergens effectively.

DL-Fibrefill shaped pillows are healthy and Echo-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless. It has good air permeability and prevents heat rash and pillow baldness so that the baby will not be stuffy or suffocate when using it.

Moderate hardness   care you spine

Natural latex is with good resilience and flexibility, can quickly fit the baby's body curve and comply with the baby's various sleeping positions.  

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