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东利-蜂巢棉  DL-Fibrefill
The production equipment provides technical improvement and equipment innovation which are carried out to form hexagonal honeycomb like structure in the process of carding and netting.
DL Fibrefill can be used in clothing and underwear products, shoes and bags, home mattresses, furniture, home textile products, automotive products and can also meet the needs of baby products. The honeycomb stable structure enables the fibers to support each other with excellent heat preservation, resilience and compression resistance
At the same time, the honeycomb structure with layer ventilation will not make you feel stuffy in any environment. It’s tough and durable, lightweight texture, soft but with a certain degree of support.
6 Advantages of DL-Fibrefill
Strong Support
Less deformation
Moisture Absorption & Sweat Releasing
The core structure of layer by layer ventilation makes the moisture on the skin surface evaporate rapidly
Ventilate and Comfortable.
Air permeability: 800mm-1000mm/s
Stable performance with not easy to oxidize and decompose.
Breathable hole to prevent the accumulation of bacteria breeding with low consumption and no pollution.
Under the same performance condition, the weight is only 50% of PU foam.
Slim and Graceful
The unique molecular arrangement and stable structure also provides excellent flexibility that makes it feel elastic and skin friendly.
Air & Water Permeability with Quick Drying
Cloud feel & super soft
Rebound without deformation
Anti- Yellowing
Nontoxic Environment-friendly
Unique production process forms a stable arrangement of molecules with uniform distribution of middle pores, good air and water permeability and a lighter material
Honeycomb fiber molecules are arranged in a compact honeycomb style, which provides better flexibility and resilience of the product.  
The advanced anti yellowing technology has reached iso-105 x18 and MSTM D 1148-2007A test standard.
All processes are in full compliance with national standards. Products are harmless to the body's health. It can be recycled and will not cause waste of resources and environmental pollution.  
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