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The company has always been committed to new product development, the introduction of international advanced equipment and development technology with strong production capacity with perfect testing means. We further optimize the product structure on the basis of ensuring the quality and improving the scientific and technological content of products, and expand the market share of products.

Dongguan Dongli Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D and production of high-end non-woven materials. Products are widely used in underwear, bra, apparel, baby products, bedding, furniture, thermal, wadding mat, decorative, footwear materials, bags, electronic products, dust filtering and sound absorption and insulation materials.

Craftsmanship Spirit

Strict Product Quality Control and Strive for Excellence

Excellent Quality

Perfect Testing Standards

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We serve every of our customers with conscientiousness and quality.

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We have extensive experience with years of professional production experience

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